Taff Claim Services, Inc.
Public Adjusters Serving Georgia Since 1981

About Taff Claim Services

Taff Claim Services, Inc. is a family-owned public insurance claims adjusting firm, and as such we are able to provide personalized service to our clients. Since our expert public claims adjusters were originally trained and employed by major insurance carriers, our inside knowledge of insurance companies gives us an enormous advantage over other public, and independent claims adjusters. We provide services to both homeowners and business owners who are filing any type of catastrophic property damage claim.

taff claim services

It stands to reason that the less they pay out on your claim, the higher the insurance company’s profit. Taff Claim Services’ expert staff members were originally employed and trained by major insurance carriers. As such, we know exactly how to protect you and how to negotiate higher payouts on your claim.

Taff Claim Services primarily serves customers in the Southeastern United States (FL, GA, SC, NC) but welcomes calls from anywhere in the Continental United States. Our clients receive substantially higher insurance settlements than those who handle the claim on their own.

It is vital that you call us immediately following any type of property loss; please read the reasons below.

  • If you need help let's meet to ascertain that we are a good fit, we help you protect and preserve evidence that is often removed by the insurance companies and contractors.
  • Upon your acceptance of our services, we take inventory of all your damaged items, determine replacement values, and obtain comprehensive estimates for repairs.
  • We review your insurance policy in detail to help you understand the complex language and restrictive conditions (stipulations and provisions) in your policy.
  • We handle all the details of your claim in a format that will comply with the terms of your policy.
  • Our services allow you to return to your normal daily activities, insulating both yourself and your family from stresses which can affect your important decisions at this crucial time.
  • Using our inside knowledge of insurance practices, we can negotiate a higher settlement for you.
  • Since 1993, Taff Claim Services has challenged insurance company assessments concerning extent of damage, type of restoration required, labor and material costs, and overall settlements.
  • Our fee, which is a small percentage of your claim, is more than offset by the higher insurance settlement you should receive with our involvement. We require no up-front fees and only get paid when you do.