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Case Histories

Please take a moment to review a few of our case histories. Please be sure to notice the difference in settlement amounts following our involvement in each case.

Commercial Insurance Claim Case Histories:

commercial property claims

Hardware Store Fire Claim

Taff Claim Services Increases Ace Hardware Store Fire Claim Settlement

A 30,000-square-foot Ace Hardware store was completely destroyed by a fire. Three months later, the owner was still negotiating with his insurance company, which didn’t believe that the owner had enough inventory to pay the limits of his policy since the records had been lost in the fire. The insurance company continued to dispute construction of the building in an effort to reduce the insurance payment. The owner was so worried about his employees and about his own future that he ended up in the hospital. He called Taff Claim Services from his hospital bed and we worked with him one-on-one to reconstruct his inventory records. We presented the reconstructed inventory records to the insurance company, which in the end not only paid the claim, but paid in excess of the stated policy limits.

Restaurant Fire Claim

Taff Claim Services Overturns Denied Restaurant Fire Claim

A well-established restaurant caught fire and burned to the ground. The restaurant owner's insurance company, with whom he had done business for fifteen years, denied coverage based upon "false statements in the application." Taff Claim Services was hired and proved that the statements in the application were not false. The insurance company settled the case, and the restaurant was rebuilt within the year.

Business Insurance Claim

Taff Claim Services Secures Settlement for Damaged Equipment

A truck driver for a business that leased medical equipment to hospitals for use during surgery was involved in an accident, and the equipment was damaged. The insurance adjuster stated that the equipment was slightly dented and that the business owner didn’t need to submit a claim. The business owner was not satisfied with this assessment and hired Taff Claim Services. Taff Claim Services properly documented the damaged equipment and negotiated a settlement that totaled the equipment and allowed it to be replaced.

Homeowner Insurance Claim Case Histories:

residential property claims

Residential Flood Claim

Taff Claim Services Increases Settlement for Pipe Leak by 1,100%

A homeowner's underground water supply pipe burst under pressure from the county line. The finished basement of her three-story home was completely flooded, and a concrete wall was blown out. After negotiating with the insurance company for a year and a half, the homeowner received a final offer of $50,000. The homeowner thought the damages equaled closer to $150,000. She hired Taff Claim Services, which documented, among other items, the damage caused by foundation settling. Six months later, the insurance company paid $555,000 to restore all three levels of the home.

House Fire Claim

Taff Claim Services Overturns Denied Fire Claim

A home that was in the process of being constructed caught fire; the homeowner used the insurance company’s approved contractor for the repairs. A year later, when the home was nearly completed, another fire broke out in the middle of the night. After reporting the loss, the homeowner received a notice the claim was denied because the policy had been canceled. The homeowner never received notice of the cancellation, and called Taff Claim Services, who investigated and found that the policy was improperly canceled. Taff Claim Services was able to settle the claim so that the homeowner could rebuild.

House Fire Claim

Taff Claim Services Overturns Denied Fire Claim

A retired homeowner was out of town on a hunting trip when he was notified that his home had burned to the ground while he was gone. The insurance company and local authorities were about to charge the homeowner with arson. The insurance company attempted to deny coverage. The homeowner hired Taff Claim Services and shortly thereafter the fire was deemed "arson by an unknown person." Using policy language and proper documentation, Taff Claim Services negotiated a $1.2 million settlement.