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Commercial Fire Damage Claims

Commercial and residential fire claims are especially difficult to file and mediate. Call us now to learn the facts about filing a fire damage claim.

commercial fire damage
commercial fire
fire damages atlanta building

Multi-million dollar fire to commercial building. Taff was able to expedite the claim thus the building owner was able to retain long term, valuable tenant.

industrial building fire damage
industrial fire
industrial fire damage

The insurance company offered $375,000 – Taff settled for $1.1 million!

restaurant fire
restaurant fire damage
restaurant burned down
restaurant after large fire
atlanta restaurant fire

Insurance company’s offer was $45,000 final payment. After Taff’s intervention, the settlement was $325,000.

Residential Fire Damage Claims

house fire
house burned down
house fire atlanta
house damage after fire

The house was in the midst of repairs when a new fire completely destroyed the home. Homeowner had tried for eight months to get a fair settlement for both claims. Taff negotiated a settlement acceptable to all three parties on the first claim and policy limits for the second claim.

residential fire
residential fire damage
residential fire atlanta

This family barely escaped the fire alive. The investigation and process of documenting their loss was too overwhelming for the homeowners. Taff’s team managed oversight of the investigation, documentation of the loss and negotiating a fair, equitable settlement. Peace of mind was most important for this family.

outside house after fire
house after fire
back of house after fire
inside house after fire

The adjuster wanted to repair this home. Taff negotiated payment of full limits of the policy, increasing the offer by $175,000!

inside house destroyed by fire
house fire damage atlanta
house destroyed by fire
inside house with fire damage

This home involved a fatality. The surviving spouse waited 3 months for the insurance company to provide an estimate. He needed help. Taff completed the estimate, inventory of destroyed personal belongings, took a tremendous burden off the grieving widower and negotiated a settlement double the original offer - which allowed the surviving spouse to start the healing process and move on with his life!