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The Insurance Claims Process

The insurance claims process was designed to be complicated. Following a catastrophic property loss, learning insurance industry jargon in order to complete endless forms may be the last thing you want to do. You only have one chance to get everything right for a proper settlement.

Thanks to our training and years of employment at major insurance companies, we speak their language and we know their techniques of minimizing your claim. Since 1993 we no longer help insurance companies, we now help people just like you. Many of whom believe their insurance company will be looking out for their best interest!

The simple fact is, the insurance company bet with the odds that, aside from collecting your premium each month, nothing would happen. Now that it has, they would like to reduce the downside any way they can.

Remember, the insurance company has its own adjuster, and he is not the happy go lucky person who sold you your policy! The insurance company's adjuster works strictly for them and represents only the insurance company's interest.

To balance the scales, you too, should have professional representation. Licensed public adjusters are required to pass stringent certification examinations, attain a surety bond and maintain a license from each state in which we operate.

We are also required to take continuing education courses to maintain a license and certification, so make sure you choose the right Public Adjuster. It is also important to read your insurance policy and know the limitations and exclusions before any loss occurs.

Our Claims Process

We customize our services to meet the needs of each of our clients, but in general, the process we follow is:

insurance claims process
  1. First and foremost, Taff Claim Services insists upon a no-obligation evaluation of your loss. We want to help you, not hurt you any further, and evaluation of the site allows us to make sure our services will be of benefit to you.
  2. We assist you with all the decisions you have to make immediately after your property loss. We protect your financial interests and point out how your decisions affect your coverage.
  1. We help homeowners temporarily relocate to a comfortable location during the settlement and reconstruction process; we help businesses relocate and continue servicing their client base to retain customers and income.
  1. We analyze your policy to extract any extra coverages to which you are entitled.
  2. We conduct inventory, research and assist in pricing destroyed contents.
  3. We document all property damages in a format the policy requires.
  1. We monitor insurance vendors, since their fees are paid from your policy’s limits.
  2. We communicate with the insurance company and relay all information to you in easy-to-understand language.
  3. We attend all meetings with insurance company personnel.
  4. We review all documentation with you before submitting it to the insurance company and negotiate a settlement only with your approval.