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Testimonials Our Clients Have Submitted

Foy & Anita,

The manner in which you handled my fire claim exceeded my highest expectations! You recovered far more than your fee, saved me so much time that I could then devote to the continued operation of my business! You can’t put a price on the level of comfort you provide with your expertise and knowledge. Anyone would be foolish to handle their own claim when they know nothing about the insurance industry. I wouldn’t think of doing anything with my insurance without consulting you first! Thank you for a job well done.

Savannah, GA

Foy and Anita;

When we talk to anyone who is having problems like ours, we tell them about our Guardian Angels Claim Foy and Bulldog Anita.

C. M.
Marietta, GA

I hired Anita in 2008 to help me negotiate with Allstate over storm damage to my house. Using Anita, I ultimately settled with Allstate for 3x their original estimate (including depreciation). I am very grateful to Anita and Foy for their service and I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone else in a similar position.

Jarrod L.

Anita pays attention to detail and is fearless, dedicated and hard working for you. I would never go alone again if ever anything catastrophic happened to my house or property. She knows all the ins and outs of insurance business that the normal everyday person does not know. She was always there for me every step of the way. I totally Endorse her!

Becky L.

I was fortunate to hire Anita Taff of Taff Claim services to handle an insurance fire-related loss, and I am very glad that I did. Anita was very thorough and persistent in seeing that we received a fair and equitable settlement, according to the terms and conditions of our policy. She worked well with the insurance company involved, while always putting our interests first.

Anita, her husband Foy, and their entire office staff have always been a pleasure to deal with, and they operate with the highest degree of integrity in all that they do and provide a very valuable service to the insurance policyholder. I would recommend Anita without reservation as a true professional in this industry.

John B.

I have worked on several insurance claims over the years and have always had a positive experience when Anita was involved with a property claim. She is extremely good at her profession and I would highly recommend her to an individual experiencing difficulty having a personal or business property claim resolved. She is personable, professional and highly skilled at interpreting insurance policy coverages and very timely in expediting the claims process for the building owner.

Anita understands the seriousness of making sure that all aspects of the claim are being handled in the most proper way, ensuring the most equitable resolution to the claims process for the owner. Her attention to detail regarding scope of building damages, personal/business property and loss of use/rent are addressed in a fair manner for all involved parties.

Barry W.

My client was offered a $31,000 settlement that ended up $340,000 after engaging Taff Claim Services. Anita and Foy are highly qualified and experienced public adjustment professionals. Their representation of my client’s needs in dealing with the insurance company was invaluable, they know the business.

Throughout the claim settlement process they kept us informed and they were always highly responsive via telephone and email. I will use them every time I have a significant insurance claim to be settled.

Greg H.

Dear Foy,

Thank you for the most significant services your office rendered beginning July 6, 1999, when I sustained substantial storm damage to my dwelling on that date.

From then until late December when we finally settled the complete claim your negotiations with State Farm produced the results we would have accepted immediately had they appraised the damage fairly and accurately at the outset.

Instead, as you know, it required three-and-a-half months of your efforts to maneuver the insurance company into a fair bargaining position.

The entire three-part settlement – structural damage, personal effects loss, and additional living expenses – are not most satisfactorily completed but the outcome would have been much different and very unsatisfactory to me had I been forced to negotiate on my own. To do so would have placed an individual policyholder at great disadvantage.

Your knowledge and services as a “public adjuster” were very much needed and made the difference in arriving at an equitable settlement.

J. H.
Atlanta, GA

Dear Anita and Foy,

Thank you so much for turning a tragic event into peace of mind for my family and me.

The horror of a total fire loss of almost everything you own can only be magnified by what is expected both verbally and documented in print by all members of the house to the claims adjuster, their attorneys, and formed committees regarding the above.

I and the members of my house were in no way prepared to create a ½-inch book regarding precise measurements, grade, and cost of all the building materials in our home, especially since most of it was reduced to ashes.

Also, even though we did have documented pictures of a lot of the furniture, after two months of your investigation of debris you were able to provide documented proof of personal belongings lost, in alphabetical order, resulting in another ½-inch book.

There is no way I could gather and pay a team to do this work properly myself and still hold down a full time job. We all greatly appreciate your firm taking this work off our hands.

We also appreciated your providing a professional insurance claims attorney to represent us against their huge law firm; we won the claim.

Certainly if quality time is money, Taff Claim Services, Inc. has proven this to be true. Over the course of one year, I have seen proposals from $155,000 to over $350,000, which was a fair and honorable settlement on our behalf.

Further, your honesty, wisdom, perseverance, and sensitivity to our needs daily took away the emotional baggage, which can be devastating from any unforeseen tragic loss.

Thank you so much for your support and friendship through this process. I really feel my life has been enriched by the highly competent way Taff Claim Services, Inc. has handled us both emotionally and financially.


Alpharetta, GA

Mr. Taff,

I will always be grateful to you for the excellent job you did representing me. I was always reassured knowing I had an expert in my court. Thanks to Anita and Dawn also for numerous phone calls, which they always handled with concern and grace.

I will definitely recommend you to others should the opportunity arise! Also – Jim is a true find. Thank you so much for that contact as well.

Conyers, GA

Dear Anita and Foy,

When we came back from vacation and found our house flooded, we were devastated. We started calling our insurance company and got more devastated.

The next day our son sent Foy over to see us, and after that we didn’t have to worry about anything else.

It was just like our best friends took over our problems for us. My wife and I are very happy with the results.

We know you both enjoy your work, but you really worked very hard on our claim. We appreciate you so much.


Lawrenceville, GA

Anita is great at all she does. I don't believe you could get anyone more helpful or energetic in the field she is in. She definitely cares about her customer and will do all she can to get what is forthcoming to them.

Fran M.

Anita has been a client of mine in real estate transactions. We have worked on Insurance claims together and I have known her for over twenty years. She is the best Public Adjuster that I have come across in my thirty years of law practice. She is detailed, client oriented and professional in every way.

John M.

Losing your home to a fire can be devastating. It was made worst by the fact that we learned that our home had been destroyed on our first day of a two week trip to China. How do you cope? Into our lives came Anita Taff. As soon as we hired her she took over, negotiating with the insurance adjusters, assessing everything we owned that had been destroyed and literally saving our insurance claim along with our sanity. She held our hand through the process and let me cry on her shoulder more than once. Right up to the end she made certain that we got every penny we were entitled to (and the insurance company fought us every inch of the way). Her wise counsel, her quiet support and her expertise made a very bad situation possible to navigate to completion and success. I would highly recommend Anita and her husband to help you. They always went beyond the call of duty and have done so for everyone to whom I have recommended them.

Lorna R.

Anita attention to detail, knowledge of the insurance adjusting business was superior, she was great to work with and always punctual, and trustworthy. She is just a wonderful person to have working for you.

Bob G.

Anita Taff is the consummate, seasoned professional. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, dependable, and personable. Her approach is very pragmatic and the results are worth every penny. I would highly recommend Anita Taff and her team.

Lottie Y.

Anita and her husband, Foy, are experienced experts at adjusting casualty insurance claims. They provide to insureds the same (or higher!) level of expertise that insurance companies pay well to keep on their staffs. This expertise can be invaluable to those without substantial experience in claims-handling, who have suffered a casualty loss. It can be equally beneficial to insureds who are well schooled in dealing with insurers but who still need help with the time-consuming claims adjustment process. I recommend Anita and Foy without hesitation.

Lucian G.

I hired Anita and Taff Claim Services in 2006 after a fire at my house in Roswell. My insurer was treating me poorly and I needed help. Anita and Taff Claim Services used their expertise in the nuances of the insurance industry to keep my insurer from mistreating me and to make sure I got the best possible deal in the settlement. Anita was always a pleasure to deal with. She made a very trying experience a lot easier.

Mark M.

Dear Foy and Anita,

I just wanted to thank you two for all that you have done. Your assistance made this misfortune much easier to cope with.

Your persistence in resolving this matter as quickly as you did is commendable. I will gladly provide a reference for you in the future if ever needed. I believe your professionalism and demeanor will provide you with ample customers, but if you ever need a referral from me, I will be more than happy to assist.

Once again, Thank you!

Destin, FL

Dear Mr. Taff,

This testimonial was not solicited by you, but we think it is well deserved. After many years as a homeowner, we finally had a kitchen fire and we were faced with the task of adjusting the loss. I am an attorney, and have previously been an adjuster and a claim supervisor. I know the need of the individual policyholder to have competent advice in settling a claim. (My homeowner policy not only is complicated, but I also had several equally complicated endorsements.)

After contacting several independent adjusters I settled on your firm to adjust our claim. Your background as a fire adjuster expert with a large insurance company, which I was familiar with, convinced me to retain you. I believe the very reasonable fee charged was worth it many times over.

Your assistance as a construction expert, and your knowledge of the provisions of the insurance contract was of great help to us. The settlement was made quickly and we are most satisfied.

You may use this endorsement in any manner you see fit.

Sincerely Yours,

Atlanta, GA

Foy & Anita,

I can simply say that you were a life saver. The fire to my restaurant was devastating! I would have lost everything were it not for you. Your guidance and practical advice not only took a tremendous burden off my shoulders, but gave me the peace of mind to think clearly and make educated decisions.

Your fee is miniscule compared to the service you provide. I strongly believe that I never would have made it back without your assistance and you can’t put a price on that! Thank you for everything.

Orlando, FL

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taff,

It was just great having both of you represent our interests regarding the water damage we had at our home. The amount you were able to get the insurance company to pay for the damages was almost unbelievable to us.


L. R.
Atlanta, GA

Dear Anita and Foy,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the help – both professional and emotional – that you provided us during one of the most trying times of our lives. The fire was devastating, but you lifted much of the burden off of us and made it easier for us to begin to heal and put our lives back together. Fire victims are always at a disadvantage when dealing with their insurance company, but your expertise and tireless effort on our behalf helped level the playing field. Because of you, not only did we receive a more equitable settlement than the insurance company originally offered, but our home was repaired much better than it would have been otherwise.

Although we met seemingly by chance, we truly believe God led us to you because He knew we needed your help, and we will be forever grateful to both Him and you. We would highly recommend you to anyone in a circumstance similar to ours.


E. M.
Atlanta, GA